Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Gifts!

Amanda wanted to make a couple of homemade presents for her parents. For her dad, she decided to make a decorative glass candy jar and for her mom she wanted to make a framed jewelry holder. 

For the candy jar, we bought a square glass jar at our local Goodwill (for 2 dollars), a black glass paint marker (purchased at Michael's), and rub-on glass appliques (1 dollar). We also got some fun candy to fill it! Using the paint marker, we free-handed a mustache and then applied the stickers on one side of the jar. 

This was our finished project!

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For the framed jewelry holder, we purchased a cheap, black frame from Walmart (2 dollars), black burlap (purchased at Joann's), a black frame holder, and a couple earrings to go with it! 
We started off by cutting the burlap to fit the opening of the frame and hot-glued the edges to the frame. After, we took the back of the frame and took off the original stand and reattached it. Next we put on the earrings and put the frame in the holder!

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