Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY Frames

Amanda wanted to make some sort of framed wall hanging that included a picture and the quote "distance means so little when someone means so much"- because her boyfriend lives in Mississippi, and she lives in Michigan. 
We took a trip to Michael's and purchased two plain wooden frames, and a piece of cream-colored scrapbooking paper (we already had the paint and glue at home). 


First, she painted one of the frames a cream color to have a base coat for the stripes. While she let it dry, she painted the other frame black. They both took a very minimal amount of paint. 


After the cream frame was dry, she took blue paint tape and created diagonal stripes across the frame. Then, she painted grey across the entire frame. 

While letting the stripes dry, she worked on the black frame. She took the piece of scrapbooking paper and wrote her quote in black Sharpie. She cut the paper to fit the frame and secured it into place. 


When the striped frame was dry, she peeled off the tape! It turned out very cute!

To attach the two frames, she used all-purpose craft glue and let it dry. Then she put her picture in the frame. 

After the glue was completely dry, she used white ribbon to create the hanging piece. She simply stapled the ribbon into place on the back of each frame and this is how it turned out! :-) 

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