Thursday, December 22, 2011

Melted-Crayon Art!

This project was definitely a case of guess and check. 
I have always seen different versions of melted crayon art on, 
and I thought it would be super easy to make!  
Here are some that I have liked:

After seeing a few with the negative letters or pictures, I decided I wanted to do one with Quinn's name.
Here is my process of trial and error.

I started off with buying just a standard canvas board. I went through several old boxes of crayons and picked out pinks, reds, and oranges for my color scheme.
I started off with painters tape, which I had heard worked on for others (not the best choice!)  and I traced my  letters on top of it and then cut them out. After cutting out all of the letters, I put them on the canvas.
Then, I hot-glued the crayons along the top. (It was all pretty easy up until this point)


 Then...I attempted to melt the crayons with the blow dryer.
1.) Make sure you use a blow dryer with a very hot setting.
The hotter, the better.
2.) Works best if you use the blow dryer on a slower setting.
Too fast will blow the wax right off the canvas.
3.) Take your time.
Patience is key.

At first, I wasn't having any luck. The painters tape was not staying on the canvas, so the colors were bleeding down behind the tape, the crayons weren't melting fast enough, and I was very, very frustrated.
So, after day one I decided I would work on it more the next day.
I tried using a hotter blow dryer and I knew I needed different tape.
I used duck tape. I do not recommend this, but I was desperate to find something that would stick!
If anyone has done this before, please share your tricks!
I attempted it again. With the hotter blow dryer, It worked much better! Anddddd the duck tape sticked!
If you do use duck tape, be careful. It will melt if it gets too hot.
After having the tape not work the first time, I decided to paint the letters.  
So after lots and lots of patience and melting the crayons until I got it justttttt right.... I was happy.

One of the very exciting things about this project is that you never know how it is going to end up.
There is lots of room for trial and error because the wax is never permanent.
If you don't like the way it looks in a certain area, you just heat it up with the blow dryer and move it around some more! You can also chose to melt more wax to make it chunkier, or just a little and move it around more for that painted look.
But most importantly, remember to take your time.

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  1. I've tried painter's tape, masking tape and duck tape, none of which really worked for me. I'm going to experiment more, but the best thing so far was duck tape and then painting over the scratches and bumps that resulted when I pulled the tape off

  2. You can purchase rolls or sheets of very sticky (but removable) masking paper -that way you also wouldn't have to worry about "taping the tape" together- and it is made for artists who use it for stenciling, airbrush, etc... That stuff would be perfect for this. I'd also say it would probably be a good idea to use a UV protective clear coat spray to protect it (Krylon makes some) when it's all done since crayons aren't color fast and will fade from exposure to sunlight in time... Very very awesome and unique projects- I love how the actual crayons are incorporated into the piece! I've some neat melted crayon art before, but none like this... 😊