Monday, December 26, 2011

Sew Cute Apron!

I decided to make this apron for my mom for Christmas.
It was fairly easy and all you need to make it is fabric and a sewing machine!

I personally thought the apron would turn out much thicker and comfortable if I attached it to a pre-made canvas apron, so I purchased one for about $3. 
I started off by taking fabric #1 (black)and cutting it and hemming it to make the top shape of the apron.
I sewed it onto the pre-shapped canvas apron.
Then, I took the same fabric and cut and hemmed it into a long rectangle.
Just below where I had sewed the top fabric, I took the new rectangular piece and I folded the fabric and pinned it into place (creating that pleated/ruffled look)

Then, a few inches under that, I did the same (cut, hem, pleat, pin, sew) with fabric #2 (green).
And again...with fabric #3 (white)

So, the three-layered ruffles were finished!
After that, I took fabric #2 (green) and cut it into a long ribbon-like tie.
I placed it over the middle of the apron and pinned it into place (did not hem!)
...making sure to fold the edges over to make a nice clean edge.
Then, I sewed it all the way across, starting at the edge of the tie 
and then onto the apron then, again, hemming the other end of the tie.
I did this for both the top and the bottom of the tie.

And, the sewing is done!

I chose to use iron-on letters to write "Kiss The Grandma" on the top!

I gave it to my mom for Christmas, and she loved it!
A craft well done :-)

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