Sunday, January 15, 2012

Holiday Crafting- Ornaments, Signs, and Mirrors!

So (we know we are a little late, but) a few weeks ago we decided to get together and do some last minute crafting before Christmas! Amanda made a Christmas tree ornament for her newly wed sister, Carrissa made a sign for her brother, and our good friend Hillary decided to make a decorative mirror!

Amanda started off with a plain ornament, a wooden number one, 
wooden letters N & E (for Niki and Eric), and some sheer ribbon!
Then, she painted the ornament, number, and letters separately...letting them dry completely.
After they were dry, she glued them to the ornament and hand painted "2011" onto it!
To hang the ornament, Amanda used the sheer ribbon and braided it tightly into a rope. 
Using craft clue, she attached a big bow, followed by the braided rope!

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Carrissa decided to make a sign for her brother's new room!
She purchased a large wooden plaque, several smaller plaques, and some alphabet letters.
She started by painted the smaller plaques and allowing them to dry.
Then, she stuck the letters to the small, painted plaques.
After that, she simply glued the finished, small plaques onto the larger plaque!

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 Crafting with us was our good friend, Hillary!
(visit Hillary's blog HERE!)
 Hillary purchased a blank wooden mirror, a stencil, some paints, and small decorative flowers.
She started off by painting the wooden frame a solid color.
After allowing it time to dry, she came back and used the stencil to apply a second coat of a contrasting color.
After the second coat, Hillary attached small decorative flowers around the frame.

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