Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jewelry Organizer ( From Utensil Holder!)

I decided to take a new utensil holder (that I had laying around the house and never needed to use)
and turn it into a jewelery organizer!
I purchased several packages of gold screw hooks, a gold jewelry chain, some small wooden pegs.

I started by painting the wooden utensil holder.
I also painted the little wooden pegs that I found in the wood section of Michael's.

 Using the gold screw-in hooks, I spaced them out along the back of the utensil holder for necklaces.
I also placed two on the inside-sides and used the gold chain to connect them, for earrings.

 After that, I glued the small wooden pegs on the bottom using craft glue, for rings!
And it was ready for hanging and jewelry!

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