Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rit Dyed Shoes

So I, Amanda, had a pair of white Roxy slip-on shoes that had gotten dirty from being worn during the summer months. I had seen a tutorial online on dying shoes, so I decided I would give it a try.

I washed the shoes as best I could and put a little Clorox on them to make them a whiter. While I was washing the shoes, I was letting a large pot of water boil. When I heard the water start to boil, I turned the heat down and dumped in about half a packet of teal Rit dye tint (found at Michael's).

When the dye was mixed into the water thoroughly, I dipped one shoe in. I had to hold it in with a plastic spoon or else the shoe wouldn't stay in all the way. 
I let each shoe soak in the dye for 10 minutes. After they were done I rinsed them in cold water until I could see that the dye was no longer coming off the shoe. After, I let them dry on a paper towel for a little bit.
When they had dried for a while and weren't so soaked, I decided to throw them in the dryer so the process would go faster. 

This was the finished product:

With the left over dye, Carrissa dyed a white shirt. 

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