Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentines Day Crafts

I, Amanda, decided I wanted to make cute packaging for my boyfriend's Valentines day gift (read more at I am getting him a Fossil watch and wanted to make a decorated box to put it in.
I bought a cardboard box at Michael's, along with a piece of red felt, ribbon, and patterned paper. 
I painted the bottom half of  the box a cream color from leftover acrylic paint. While letting that dry, I decorated the lid of the box. Using the patterned paper I made a envelope, where I plan to put my card. I fastened the envelope to the lid. 
Using the ribbon, I made a border around the sides of the lid.

For the inside of the box, I made a felt heart. I cut two pieces of the red felt out and sewed them together by hand, and stuffed the inside with cotton. I made the heart to fasten the watch around.
I also made paper fortune cookies for a fun touch to put inside the box. 

More pictures of the finished product to come...

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