Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stylish iPhone Case For >$2 !

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I have been wanting new cases for my iPhone for a while now,
but I couldn't decide between True Blood, Starry Night, a Picture of my daughter... the list goes on and on.
But each case was running about $30, so instead I decided to come up with a versatile case that wouldn't cost me a million dollars!

I purchased a clear backing iPhone case from ebay for less than $2.
Then I took scrapbook paper and cut out a piece the size of the the back using an X-Acto knife and the clear case as a stencil.
I simply slipped it in behind my phone and viola! 
You can do this with scrapbook paper, photos...etc! 
And the best part is you can constantly keep changing it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

No-Mess Finger Painting!

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This is Miss Quinn's very first craft!
She is only 8 months old, and this was the perfect craft for her!
I used:
  • A gallon sized Ziploc bag
  • Card-stock paper
  • Tempera or finger paints.

I started by taking the gallon sized Ziploc bag, I reused an empty one from her baby bullet food,
and I put the piece of card-stock paper in it.
(You have to use card-stock or thicker paper so that it doesn't fall apart)

I squirted a few different colors of paint into the bag, zipped it shut and let her play with it!
She mushed it around and it turned out great!
My little artist :-)

Picture Magnets (made from baby food jar lids)

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I've found, yet again, another way to reuse those baby food jars
by making picture magnets out of the lids.

It was pretty easy to do and I used was:
  • Lids from baby food jars.
  • Cardboard
  • Pictures
  • Magnet disks
  • Mod Podge and E6000 or craft glue
  • and Scrapbook paper

I started off by using the smaller side of the lids (the very top) as my stencil and traced 6 circles onto a small piece of cardboard. Then, I used the same side of the lids (instead of tracing) I just used the X-acto  knife to cut out the pictures.

 Note: in this picture the lid is the wrong way.
You will need to trace it the other way in order for the cardboard to fit inside the lid.
I learned this the hard way :-)

After that, I pushed the small rounds of cardboard paper into the lids.
I put a small amount of Mod Podge on the back of the pictures and glued them to the cardboard. 
I applied about 3 layers of Mod Podge on top of the pictures, letting it dry in between.

When they were dry, I flipped them over and used E6000 glue to glue the 1" magnetic disks to the back.

I also decided to use some scrapbook paper and the X-acto knife to cut strips for the sides of the lid. 
I used Mod Podge to glue them on and to coat the top.

And that's all! Super easy, so cute,
but best of all: I just used stuff from around the house!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby Food Jar Storage Plaque!

Like I've said before, I have an abundance of baby food jars! And while thinking of all the things I could do with them, I came up with an idea to hang them on the wall for storage.

It was really pretty simple to so, all you need to make it is a wooden plaque, baby food jars, craft glue, and paint! I boiled and cleaned the baby food jars ahead of time and like I've said before, after a few minuted of soaking the labels come right off! I started by painting the plaque and the inside bottom of the baby food jars and letting them dry. (I painted the bottom of the jars so that when you look inside them you don't just see the glue)

Then, I arranged the jars on the plaque and used E6000 craft glue to glue them on. 
They dried for about 24 hours.

I knew that where I mounted it to the wall you would see the screws, so I bought little wooden discs...painted them the same color as the inside of the jars...and decorated them to look like little buttons!

So once I mounted it to the wall, I just glued the "buttons" over the screws!
I put it in my bathroom and filled the jars with bobby pins, Q-tips, hair bands, tweezers, and little nail files!


Negative Canvas Painting

This project is super easy and turns out great! 
All you need is a canvas, fabric, alphabet letters, a stapler, and paint!

I started off by laying the fabric over the front of the canvas. I flipped it over and began to staple the fabric to the back of the canvas. As you come around to do the sides, make sure that you pull it vary tight otherwise it will be all baggy.
When you get the the corners you want to fold them as you would a present so they are nice and square.

One that is done, you want to decide what you are going to write on your canvas!
I chose to so the last two lines of my brother's favorite Robert Frost poem <3
I, then, cut out the letters that I was going to use so that I could play with the arrangement on the canvas before sticking them. When I was satisfied, I peeled them off and stuck them on!

(I chose to do two different fonts switching between capital and lowercase)
When they were all stuck on, I painted over the entire thing!
(I wanted to frame it a little bit so I left about and inch around the outside where I just brushed the paint over it lightly!)

When it was all dry, I peeled off the stickers and I was done!

"I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference". -RF

Candle Making!

Since I had a super abundance of baby food jars, I thought that best way to use a lot of them up quickly was to make little candles! We went to Michael's and bought candle wax, wicks and double-sided wick applicators, and scented oils. We also used some essential oils that we had already!
I boiled the baby food jars a head of time and removed their labels. After soaking in water for just a few minutes the labels peel right off!
Then, we painted the outside of some of the jars and allowed them to dry.
When they were dry, we took the double-sided wick applicators and applied them to the bottom of the wick and stuck them into the jars. Since the jars were so small, we could just use our finger to make sure they were pressed down all the way.

Now for the fun stuff!
We poured in a package of wax (about one pound) into a large pot and turned the burner on medium.
The wax melts pretty quickly and you want to make sure not to boil it!

Once it was melted, we poured in the scented oils! Depending how fragrant you want them, use the oil to your liking. We made both vanilla and green tea scented!

We stirred it all together and turned the burner off. It is best to let the wax cool down for about 20-30 minutes and come to a thicker, slushy-like consistency.
Then, we poured the wax into the jars! I found it easiest if you first pour the wax into a spouted measuring cup, so it is easier to then pour into the jars.

When the wax is cooled it will turn from yellow to white! 
You can also use candle dye to color the wax!

DIY Painted Glass Bottle Vase

While taking a walk the other day, I stumbled across an old Jack Daniel's bottle. It was clean, empty, and label-less so of course I knew I had to take it home to craft with! I instantly got the idea of making a vase, but I wasn't sure If I should Mod Podge pictures to it? Maybe Mod Podge tissue paper around it? But I decided I really just wanted to give it a bold look, so I painted it all white!

First, I took the bottle home, placed it in a large pot of water and boiled it. 

Then, I simply used a matte white spray paint and coated the bottle about 3 times, 
letting each layer dry in-between.
To avoid drips, you want to make sure that you don't spray too much paint on at one time!

And that's it! Super easy and it looks adorable.
I needed to bring some spring into my dreary winter...
(the flower was purchased at Michael's for a little over a dollar.)