Monday, February 13, 2012

Candle Making!

Since I had a super abundance of baby food jars, I thought that best way to use a lot of them up quickly was to make little candles! We went to Michael's and bought candle wax, wicks and double-sided wick applicators, and scented oils. We also used some essential oils that we had already!
I boiled the baby food jars a head of time and removed their labels. After soaking in water for just a few minutes the labels peel right off!
Then, we painted the outside of some of the jars and allowed them to dry.
When they were dry, we took the double-sided wick applicators and applied them to the bottom of the wick and stuck them into the jars. Since the jars were so small, we could just use our finger to make sure they were pressed down all the way.

Now for the fun stuff!
We poured in a package of wax (about one pound) into a large pot and turned the burner on medium.
The wax melts pretty quickly and you want to make sure not to boil it!

Once it was melted, we poured in the scented oils! Depending how fragrant you want them, use the oil to your liking. We made both vanilla and green tea scented!

We stirred it all together and turned the burner off. It is best to let the wax cool down for about 20-30 minutes and come to a thicker, slushy-like consistency.
Then, we poured the wax into the jars! I found it easiest if you first pour the wax into a spouted measuring cup, so it is easier to then pour into the jars.

When the wax is cooled it will turn from yellow to white! 
You can also use candle dye to color the wax!

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