Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stylish iPhone Case For >$2 !

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I have been wanting new cases for my iPhone for a while now,
but I couldn't decide between True Blood, Starry Night, a Picture of my daughter... the list goes on and on.
But each case was running about $30, so instead I decided to come up with a versatile case that wouldn't cost me a million dollars!

I purchased a clear backing iPhone case from ebay for less than $2.
Then I took scrapbook paper and cut out a piece the size of the the back using an X-Acto knife and the clear case as a stencil.
I simply slipped it in behind my phone and viola! 
You can do this with scrapbook paper, photos...etc! 
And the best part is you can constantly keep changing it!


  1. Good post. I liked all the designs of the cases and covers :)

    Good job done..


  2. Thanks for great offer. I try to find any products with off offer: iPhone cases