Monday, March 26, 2012

Quinn's Birthday Outfit!

We are getting closer and closer to June, and that means Quinn's first birthday!
I've been doing some planning and I came up with an idea for her birthday outfit. The theme is light pink and dark pink ladybugs with green as an accent color.
And yesterday I crafted it all together in just a few hours!

So here's how I made this outfit:

I took a quick trip to Michael's and got:
  • Two different colors of tulle
  • A pack of 1/2" elastic
  • 1/2 yard of fabric (had A LOT left over)
  • Embroidery needles and thread
  • 2 matching flowers (optional)
  • Cute iron-on patches (optional)
And the onesie I got from Wal Mart for $3!

I started with the onesie.
First, I printed out a "1" on the computer and cut it out to use as my stencil.
Using the back side of the fabric (and making sure to flip your stencil backwards!),
I used a pencil to trace the "1" on the fabric.
I cut out around it, leaving about 1/2" around it.
Then, I made little cuts inwards at the corners so that I could fold the extra under evenly.
I folded all the sides down and pinned it into place.

Using a basic stitch, I stitched the "1" down all the way around.
 After that I followed the instructions on the patches packaging and added the iron-on ladybug!

When that was done, I moved on to the skirt.
 The tulle I bought from Michael's was pre-cut and was the perfect width (6in)
I used both rolls entirely (20 yd of the green,  10 yd of the sparkled pink)

Pulling the tulle from the roll, I cut it all into strips about 16 in long.

I measured the elastic (a little bigger than) the size of her hips.
Make sure to leave about 2 in extra to over lap the ends, and sew together.
Then, I took a strip of tulle and folded in half.
I took the loop at the seam, wrapped the ends around the elastic, and back through the loop.
Then pulled tight!

Repeat all the way around!
I used the pattern 2 green strips, 1, pink strip, 2 green strips...etc.

Then for details:
  • I made a matching headband (with the same fabric as the "1", some elastic, and one of the flowers)
  • I attached the other flower to the top of the skirt to match
  • I'll probably get some cute sparkly shoes to pull it all together!

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  1. That is so adorable! I nominated you girls for a blog award, check it out on my page!