Friday, May 4, 2012

Birthday Banners!

A few days ago we made the banners for Quinn's 1st birthday party! One is to go on the outside of the house that says "Happy 1st B-Day Quinn" and the second one that goes around her highchair says "Birthday Girl"!

They were both made the same way using:
  • Scrapbook paper (3 colors)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Cricut or stencils
(You are going to want to figure out how many "flags" you are going to need on your banners; this depends on how long it needs to be and how many letters you are going to use.)

We started out by cutting all the scrapbook paper horizontally. Half a sheet of scrapbook paper made one flag.

We decided to layer the flags so we did two different colors!

Next, we took the half sheet of paper and and bent it in half vertically, then we gently creased the the bottom of the paper. (this made sure that we found the exact middle of the paper. If you would rather use a ruler and measure the center that is fine too.)

Next, we cut the paper from the top edge and the center mark that we just found.

We did this for both sides and had our perfect triangle-shaped flags!
For the lighter pink (the top flag) all we did to make it that inch smaller was:
  • Lay the flags on top of eachother
  • Pull the top flag up about an inch or two
  • Cut the top off
 Next after that, we used the Cricut machine to cut out our letters, glued them on using craft glue, used a whole punch to punch out two holes on the top of the flag, and used to ribbon to finish our banners!

 And as for the highchair banner, instead of adding letters to the flag we just made one center piece!

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  1. So cute! All these fun first birthday ideas make me wish my babies were still babies! Thanks for sharing!