Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Framed Silhouettes

My brother's 22nd birthday was August 10th. He had sent me some ideas of what he would want as a gift, and with those ideas was a Sherlock Holmes framed silhouette that he found on Etsy. And of course, like most things, when I saw it I said... "I can make that".

So, I decided to not only make one but three, each one corresponding to a tv show or book that he loves. I purchased 3 identical frames and black and white scrapbook paper from Michael's.

(Sorry about the picture quality, I took these from my phone.)

 Sherlock Holmes:
I started by finding a Sherlock Holmes silhouette on Google and printing it out. I also found an online Sherlock Holmes book, copied the first page, and used word to edit and format the text to fit the background of my frame. (For all three, I used the Courier New font to make the text look like it was from an old book. I also stretched the title across the top as you would see in a book) I printed it out on white cardstock/scrapbook paper.
Using scissors (or an x-acto knife) I cut out the silhouette. Then, I traced it onto my black cardstock/scrapbook paper and used the scissors to cut that out as well. Then to finish, I simply used a glue stick (which is the best when gluing paper) and glued the silhouette on the center of the text!

 Doctor Who:
The second picture I made was of the T.V. show Doctor Who. I used the same method, only I printed out a script and I cut out a silhouette of the Tardis (a time machine/police box from the show).

And the last one I made was of the T.V. show C.S.I. I couldn't find a copy of the book or a script online, so I thought it would be neat to copy information about the show for the background. I just used Wikipedia and copied parts of the page! Then, I made a hand print silhouette to go on top!

These were fairly easy to make and my brother absolutely loved them! They are also very inexpensive and make a great gift!