Sunday, August 18, 2013

DIY Instagram Picture Canvas!

I recently discovered Printstagram by Social Print Studio and instantly fell in love! I have been a long time user of Instagram and I was thrilled when I decided to actually get some of my pictures printed!
If you visit or  you will see that they have a range of printing options. My favorites:
Squares                                              Minibook
Tinybook                                           Stickers

There are more options, but these are the ones that make me happy :-)
I chose just the squares. And you have the option of two sizes, I decided to get the smaller 2in squares. One of the best benefits of Printstagram is that their prints come very quickly in the mail, mine within days! So once you order and receive your prints... you are ready to begin!

For this project you need:
  • Printstagram prints
  • Mod Podge (glossy or mat)
  • Square canvas, size of your choice (I chose four 10x10in canvases to place in a square on the wall. I purchased two 2 packs of inexpensive value canvas from Michaels [SKU: 184436])
You'll start by picking through your prints and choosing your favs.
You can arrange them on the canvas until you get the design you love!
Then, you will use your Mod Podge (I chose mat instead of glossy because I really liked how the prints were mat and when you use glossy it tends to magnify the brush strokes of the Mod Podge) and a brush of your choice to cover the bottom or top row on the canvas. 
  Simply lay down your prints and press them down into place. Repeat this until the entire canvas is covered and your pictures are all in place. You can choose to let in dry for a minute or two. Then, you will apply a layer of Mod Podge over the top of your prints covering the entire collage. DON'T WORRY, the Mod Podge will NOT ruin your prints. It is best to apply a thinner layer to avoid any warbling, but the prints are fairly thick and will not get distorted or ruined by the Mod Podge.

Let it dry completely before applying another coat of Mod Podge. Two coats should be enough, you can choose to do more. You might also want to Mod Podge or paint the sides of the canvas to prevent from any wear and dirt. And you are finished!

Click the image below to visit Printstagram 
and order your prints now!